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There is a small woodpecker that’s been pecking a hole on the side of my house. It sounds so loud and the hole is small but he keeps going to the same location over and over. I’ve tried to spray him with my garden hose but he’s too fast. Is there some kind of spray repellent I can squirt up there to keep him away?

Woodpeckers will usually look for food in wood and if you have some kind of insect nesting in your siding, he could be pecking out the bugs. When feeding their holes and pecking will be all over the house though usually in one main region or side. Now if there only appears to be one main hole like you’re describing, it’s more likely this bird is trying to make  nest.

I suggest you view our woodpecker control video below which shows how to install one of our ATTACK SPIDERS. This is a visual deterrent that does a great job of scaring away unwanted animals like woodpeckers. Installed above the hole but close enough to reach it when activated, the moving action of the spider will keep this bird away. It usually only takes a couple of encounters and the unwanted pecking will cease.

Here is a direct link the Attack Spider and some other Bird Control Product options:

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