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I need to stop a wood pecker from pecking the side of my house. I think there must be some kind of bug in there because he keeps pecking and pecking and then he moves to another spot and makes another big hole. I notice that some of the damage opens up to a space that’s like a drilled out section of the siding. I haven’t seen any bugs but I’m not close enough to tell if anything was there or if the woodpecker ate anything that was. What can I do to get him to stop causing all this destruction?

Woodpeckers will forage for food on the siding of homes. Such areas commonly have carpenter bees or powderpost beetles. The Carpenter bees will drill holes that are long and big like what you described. You can read more about them on line under Carpenterbee Control. If you think you have this bee you must treat the holes as soon as possible. This most likely will chase the wood pecker away.

Once you’ve done some kind of insect treatment, install some Bird Tape or Moving Spider where the pecking is mostly happening on the house. This should help keep the wood pecker away. Further information about these products and why woodpeckers do this can be found in our Woodpecker Control article.

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