woodpeckers putting holes in cedar plywood siding


I’m continually having issues with woodpeckers putting holes through the siding of my house.  It is cedar plywood siding.  The woodpeckers are putting holes through the chimney portion of the house (highest part of the house).  My understanding is that Woodpeckers do this because there are bugs inside that they want to feed on?  What product(s) do you have that might help deter the woodpeckers?  If I patch a hole they go right back to the same spot.
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Woodpeckers will commonly peck in search of food. Cedar commonly gets infested with Carpenterbees, Carpenterants, Powderpost Beetles and Woodwasps. Additional sources of food include Boxelder Bugs, Asian Ladybugs and Stinkbugs. These invasive insects will readily move onto structures every fall seeking shelter from the soon to arrive winter season. Though these insects don’t bore into the wood, they will many times get up under the siding. Their presence alone will attract woodpeckers which do what they know best to get the “pot of gold” behind the siding. This approach is what you refer to as “putting holes through the siding” but to them, it’s just another day looking foraging for a meal.

To stop this behavior, you’ll find several products we have listed in our WOODPECKER CONTROL article. The easisest device to employ would be our JUMPING SPIDER. When combined with BIRD TAPE, most woodpeckers can be scared away effectively. 4-THE-BIRDS GEL is another great product to employ. Woodpeckers will readily avoid treated areas for good once they encounter a little bit of this gooey gel.

Based on what you describe, it could be the woodpeckers landing on your home are in fact attempting to nest. This commonly is the case when they insist on “reopening” holes you close. To stop them for good, apply 4-The-Birds to the area after you fix it. Install some Jumping Spiders on either side of the chimney and I’m sure they’ll be gone for good.

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