woodpecker destroying cedar trim


We hired animal control company to put a deterrent on our condo after 7 holes were made. The woodpecker moved to another building – one that just was completely resided and is now destroying the cedar trim board! What can we do to keep him from moving from building to building – local company is charging $60 plus $79 each woodpecker to trap – requires 6 week delay while waiting for wildlife approval!  Any suggestions?

There is no doubt two things going on here. As explained in our WOODPECKER CONTROL ARTICLE, these birds will peck for one of three reasons: food, territory marking or nesting. Since it’s the fall and not spring, we can rule out territory marking or nesting activity. That leaves food. In all likelihood there is something in the wood they’re targeting and in the end, eliminating the food supply will no doubt decrease and eventually stop this destructive behavior. I encourage you to try and identify what might be living in the wood that these guys might be seeking. I’m leaning toward carpenter bees but have no reason to think this other then you mentioned the wood is cedar which I know carpenter bees love. Regardless of the pest, if you eliminate them (the food for the woodpeckers), the birds will move away on their own.

But to stop them now, I suggest installing a MOVING SPIDER where you see any activity. As our video’s show, this device is very effective at keeping them away. I would get a few and have them installed whenever any activity is detected. As long as you have them installed they’ll keep all birds away. This will allow you to better assess the situation insect wise and if you can figure out what the birds are targeting, maybe you can treat that problem and get rid of both pests for good.

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