woodpeckers pecking holes in satsuma trees


Woodpeckers are pecking holes all the way around my satsuma trees. How can I keep them away? I thought about wrapping some of the branches & parts of the trunk in foil.  Will that work or hurt the tree??

I’m not sure on using “foil” but I do know two things that will.

If you only have 1-2 trees where they’re active, hanging a JUMPING SPIDER close to where they land will assuredly keep them away. IN most cases they’ll start foraging elsewhere and within a week you can take down the spiders using them as needed throughout the year.

Another option is to lightly wipe down the trunk and tree limbs they’re using with some 4-T-B REPELLENT. It’s a non drying glue like product that lasts a few months. They won’t like landing on it and will avoid any place it’s applied.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Jumping Spider:  http://www.bugspray.com/catalog/products/page1658.html

4-T-B Repellent:  http://www.bugspray.com/catalog/products/page175.html

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