pileated woodpeckers on cedar house


those @#$%^&* pileateds have returned after a year’s hiatus. they strip wood from our all cedar house. we have the exterior sprayed once a month & they specifically look for carpenter bee holes. we have had to replace an entire, lg. Pella window, lots of siding etc. it’s run us into $1,000s of $$. we also live next to a woods. i am very angry. they are brazen and when you run them off they come right back. my neighbor is having the same trouble. we are away mos. of the yr. so monitoring is difficult. HELP!!

Two things you need to do. First, treat the nests as explained in our CARPENTER BEE CONTROL article. Second, install some JUMPING SPIDERS above any sections where they’re active. As long as the Spiders are there, the birds will stay away!

Here are direct links to the article and product:

Carpenter Bee Control:  http://www.carpenterbees.com/carpenter-bee-control

Jumping Spider:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/repellents/visual/attack-spider-w18-line

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