how to repel sapsuckers


Do you have a spray that the sapsucker finds objectionable?  Any way to do away with them?

There are several options available and in most situations, it’s really just a matter of matching up the best option for where you need to repel them. For starters, I suggest you review our WOODPECKER CONTROL article. In the article you’ll see a product mentioned called ROPEL that can be sprayed where they’re active. It will usually get them to move away and stay away from treated surfaces.

The JUMPING SPIDER is another good option and deploying one anywhere unwanted sapsuckers are pecking or landing will usually do the trick. They’re easy to install and use and can last a good long time requiring little maintenance.

Lastly, taking away their food supply is usually a good idea too so be sure and review the area where they’re active to see if there is an insect population that’s attracting them. This time of year we find they’re targeting a lot of CARPENTER BEES and if you have untreated nests with young developing, you’ll no doubt be luring lots of sapsuckers to the area. Treat the nests and get rid of the insects and the birds will move away too.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Woodpecker Control:


Jumping Spider:

Carpenter Bee Control:

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