stop birds pecking through stucco


Recently I have a problem with some birds pecking through the stucco on my house. What do you recommend I use to stop them?

Birds routinely create nests in trees. During the process of building the nest they’ll peck away at soft spots to create the void they’ll use. On some houses this causes damage. Stucco houses are such structures. If local birds notice the stucco has a hollow sound to it, they’ll instinctively start pecking expecting to find a space behind it where they can nest. To stop the behavior, you can set out some Jumping Spiders or Bird Tape. These deterrents work well as explained in our Woodpecker Control article. You can also get them to stop instantly by applying some 4-The-Birds Gel or 4-The-Birds Liquid to the areas where they’re active. They hate this stuff and will move away immediately.

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